Thanks ❤️️, you’re 🐕 paying(*01) 🎶 attention(*02) 🔬🔭 vs. Click to continue?! Why can’t, won’t, don’t you prove… 

*01. …paying; xref: “100% independent causality (God), says, ‘Pff…’, and it is DONE,” (source: Qur~an (Recitation, or Operating System)? Or, Hadith (Record, History,Time Line) IN vest, DI vest, VEST meant. {Sum, es, EST, …attention to me 🎎 (.), _ as well as the world 🌏.
*02. xref: 2017:02:22/23: …prove it’s worth paying you to come back, because you can deliver _ all I need to know (?!) so succinctly, _ and be GONE (!) to leave me (~) with, “Silence is..,”? 

*03. are you hiding instead of…(
*04. Not used.

*05. …paying (IN vest, DI vest, VEST meant. {Sum, es, EST, summus, Estes, sunt}: praying (considering), preying (hunting): to divide the voltage and potential current of OPEN into subordinate titles of ‘close’, closer, closed, lost. Open. Shut. Found. Out. Ou [\TED:2017:02:23/24?22/23!:690*:50’/720*:00’/180*:00/Nadir/000*:00’/zenith/sol/Milky Way/inout/P(A|B)=P(A)P(B), where P is the frequency of occurrence of (n), and B is the fact of whose light [\], and A is the cause of whose light, and P(A) = 100%, and P(B) is > 00% [advanced] at this volume of balance in what volume of displacement?

‪@thesundaytimes -:- You got it! 

PERFECT demonstrate 

  1. ranked order of detail 
  2. exceeding capacity of space, 

thereby providing 
for readers 

  • reading to reach 
  • a degree of comprehension,
  • rather than 
  • to experience 
  • the thrill 
  • of improbability,

to click 
to continue 
AND OMIT THE NAME Of the DEST. so as to benefit ‬


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