• TRUSTED2017 
  • is an INDEPENDENT, 
  • Web site
  • with intention to join 
  • the Better Business Bureau, 
  • Verisign 
  • and what other accreditation organizations?

You control your TRUSTED2017 User History.

Use as many different user names as you have ethical authority to use.

Show as much, or as little, of the user history of any user name.

Use template forms, or create your own to 

solicit, &/or 

filter, and/or 


offers to 

rebroadcast your live streams 

or playback, 

&/or place advertising in and/or on you TRUSTED2017 user history

Crowd Source Funding?
Build your trusted and verified history asset here.
Download a copy to you local drive any time.
Delete your account and erase all data in FULL whenever you choose.
Give your readers one click proof of your trustworthiness: append our logo as a suffix to any names you own.
Send a text file copy of your history anywhere.

@cheddar @Storyful @mjenkins -:- Check any name at “TRUSTED2017.wordpress.com” Our forms prove the integrity of any errors, addendums, or apologies you publish. Our logo suffix to your name links your readers. Use the Thesaurus of SUCCESS & our style & standards content analysis tools to grow ever more “TRUSTED” because you can choose to use our date: time stamps to verify exactly when you post, or amend, or learn of any challenge to your record.


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